We are so thankful that Anu was Lahari’s teacher during her pre-school. She inspired all the students to learn and be more and do more than they think they can. She is firm when needed, but also patient and kind. Our daughter adores her and hates when she misses school for any reason. I’ve watched her grow and learn and thrive there and I know her presence has been a big part of those things. Thanks, Anu, for all you do and for being the beautiful example of a teacher as well as head of the institute.

Dated April 19, 2021


Peace Flower Montessori was my son’s first day care. He started there when he was 2 years old. He really loved it. Anu was the co-owner/co-founder and she was always very compassionate and caring. The place was very well run, clean and felt very safe. Unfortunately Peace Flower Montessori, like so many other businesses, closed due COVID-19. That was very disappointing to us and no doubt to the many other parents. Anu informed us that she is planning to start a new daycare, that was great to hear. I have no doubt it would be just as good if not better. I wish Anu all the best and if the location is close to where we live, would certainly enroll my son there.

Dated April 18, 2021


Before the pandemic, my son Vian was going to Miss Anu's school. He quickly adjusted with her and other school teachers. She is very loving and soft-spoken. We would get daily written updates on how his day went and what he ate or did.

The school campus was very nicely arranged with a lot of indoor and outdoor activities.

Miss Anu would also take our calls through the day when we wanted to make sure he was doing fine.

They would also provide food in case kids don't eat home brought food including fruits and vegetables.

Miss Anu is a seasoned preschool teacher and is very professional to handle preschoolers.

Dated April 12, 2021


As my older daughters had already experienced a consistent and organically implemented Montessori preschool curriculum when I was living in Houston, I drove around all the Montessori places from Walnut Creek to Dublin in order to find a place for my son. Determined to seek for perfection: I wanted to entrust my child to a teacher that really believed in the method, professionally studied it, and worked hard to have all the tools, equipment, and environmental conditions to implement it for the individual benefit of each child given to her care. When I met Anu, I knew my quest was over. My son blossomed in his personality, developing his natural talents and inclinations as much as acquiring and refining new skills. Starting as a shy and observing kid, he grew in personal confidence and social wiseness, learning English (he is native bilingual Polish and Italian) as well as daily insights into culture and science.

After a year and and a half we had to move to London, UK where children start the first grade a year ahead of USA. Even though my son had to spend his last semester of preschool in pandemic lockdown, he kept following the routine of learning and play he had acquired under the care of Anu and by September he was completely ready, emotionally and academically, to start first grade, where he has carved his place as an enthusiastic and respectful pupil, able to forge solid friendships both with girls and boys. We might have left US now since more than a year but my son has still very vivid memories of the warmth and kindness of his teacher Anu and I can see how the method has impacted his way of learning forever.

Dated April 9, 2021


Ms. Anu was my eldest son Kabir's first teacher when he turned two and was new to preschool. She was extremely caring, loving and an effective educator. He grew very attached and her presence made the transition into preschool much smoother coming from the home environment. He continue to have her for the age 3-5 preschool class and learned a lot under her teaching vast knowledge and teaching methods.

I'd highly recommend her to any parent

Dated August 31, 2017

Meenakshi & Sumit

It's been a great pleasure to have 'Anu' as our child's teacher. From the first day itself, she has been sensitive, supportive to our child's needs. As parents we have never seen any one more organized, well structured and at the top of every child needs (given that there were about 25-30 students in the class). What we also admire is the creativity which she brings to the class, she surely knows how to engage children in the best possible way which encouraging the creativity and the imagination of the young ones.

Anu, thanks so much for what you have done for our child.

Dated August 12, 2017

Christine & Philip

We truly appreciate all the effort and love that you and your staff has given Coy. You truly have helped him thrive and blossom. We cannot imagine a better teacher other than you to be his first teacher in life. Our family is grateful for all the wonderful and positive experiences at Lotus Montessori, and we hope to continue keep in touch and stay in each other's lives and to share Coy's growth with you. You and your school are one of a kind. Thank you again for everything!

Dated December 17, 2021