Lotus Montessori

Education for Independence

Our Philosophy

Lotus Montessori is a diverse, educational community built on the Montessori Philosophy which fosters creativity, curiosity, and critical thinking in children. At Lotus Montessori, teachers attend to the student’s individual needs so that the children achieve personal and academic excellence and become lifelong learners who respect themselves, others, and their environment.

Why Lotus Montessori?

Lotus Montessori uses the philosophy and teachings of the Montessori Method developed by Dr. Maria Montessori (1870-1952). Montessori education emphasizes learning through all five senses - sight, touch, taste, smell, and hearing. Children in the Montessori classroom learn at their own pace and through their own choice of activities available to them, thereby creating a myriad of possibilities. Lotus Montessori provides a carefully prepared Montessori environment that promotes and fosters learning satisfaction through discovery and joy in achievement. We focus on encouraging children to learn at their own pace.