About Us

Founded in 2021, Lotus Montessori (LM) is dedicated to providing children with education for independence through a high-quality Montessori program. Our program, aimed for children who are 2-6 years, is guided by American Montessori Society (AMS) trained teachers who play a critical role in the development of the child’s personality and intellect. Together with our balanced curriculum, inspired teachers, collaborative environment, and inviting physical space, we are committed to helping your children grow into mature, compassionate, autonomous individuals. At LM, we have carefully designed indoor classrooms, outdoor playgrounds, and our curriculum to be conducive to the world your child sees outside of school. Our well-trained and experienced teachers develop creative lesson plans that engage children and fosters learning in these various environments. Our low teacher-to-student ratio and age continuous rooms enable children to not only build strong relationships with their teachers but also build relationships with one another by teaching and learning from each other. In the LM curriculum, we also take time to focus on special events (i.e. Mother’s day), field trips, and etc. to connect classroom education with real life. Here at Lotus Montessori Preschool, we strive to provide your child with all the resources they need to achieve their dreams.